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Unveil the vast potential of our student to excel and rise above their peers.


EMC Learning Resources


A major key factor in learning. When the interest and creativity of learners are engaged, they learn and retain better. Ability to learn is greatly optimised when learners are encouraged to explore


Acquire complete knowledge and skill for the future. In the process, they will have the confidence to master what they have explored.


Take on new challenges and aim to excel in learning. Our students have the perseverance to undertake and win in competitions and assessments that come their way. Our students will rise up to the challenge.

EMC Workshops has the best expertise and experience to provide exceptional, high-quality standards in our educational programmes.

Current, structured and progressive, we peg our academic programmes in line with the school curriculum. We meet the needs of schools and the development abilities of students and work with them to further excel, rise above their level and reach their hidden potential.

EMC Workshops has been with our local primary and secondary schools, offering enrichment courses in English, Science and Mathematics since the year 2000. Our programmes, using the Pro-Active Learning System are written by a team of experienced former teachers with relevant publishing experiences.

Therefore, our curriculum has been developed to show a progression in content in terms of difficulty level. We make work digestible and applicable.

Our Vision

All children, regardless of background, deserve a positive schooling experience through educational studies.

Nurture the young through holistic development. Build strong foundations in their mental capacity for learning. Ignite, instill the passion for learning.

Our success proven progressive methods are ingeniously design to instil  interest and inspiration in the subject  we are training. Creative techniques are created to make learning effective learning and stimulating to the students. Rising their aptitude  and expanding their mental capacity to learn, regardless of their innate ability.  With the ultimate aim to  encourage their desire to learn and excel in all their learning regardless its new knowledge or degree of difficult. Achieving outstanding results.




Math Olympiad

  • Prepare for  Competition
  • Enrichment of the mind through gaining competence and confidence in mathematical problem solving.

School Math

  • Mathematics Enrichment / Foundation / Booster
  • Fairy Tale Math
  • Heuristics Math
  • PSLE Preparatory / Revision


Science Olympiad

  • Develop interest, Analytical thinking skills, spirit of learning through discovery and challenge to prepare for Singapore Primary Science Olympiad.

Science Workshop

  • P1 & 2 (Introduction of Science for Lower Primary)

Persuasive Speaking

Master effective and creative speaking skills to interact and engage in communication, developing confidence and ability to interact.

Creative Writing

Aims to help children acquire the necessary reading skills in an educational and entertaining manner using “Stories Around the world ‘ Series” created by EMC


Phonics teaches the relationship between letters of written language  and the sound of spoken language, to learn that there is an organised , logical and predictable relationship between written letters and spoken sounds.

Speech and Drama

Offers children opportunity to master techniques and skills for effective communication through exciting medium of drama tools such as poetry, role play, theatric acting, reading aloud  and other creative imaginative on the spo improvisation and thinking process 

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