About Us

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The EMC Group of companies comprises of 3 distinct entities dedicated to the promulgation of Education of Local and Foreign Students for all ages. We are educationalists with many years of experience and have a proven track record that the methods that we have been practicing over the past 10 years can enhance a student’s learning and broaden his/her horizon.

Our primary and secondary school programmes using the Advanced Montessori Method and Pro-Active Learning System are written by renowned educators. We also have a dynamic team of highly qualified and registered teachers with the Ministry of Education, Singapore working in partnership with us.

Our Course Director, Mrs Elizabeth Yeak holds a Bachelor of Arts (Singapore), Diploma in Education (Singapore) and Montessori (London). She has taught in several schools and used to head the English Language and Literature Department in a school before she set up her Montessori centre. Since then, she has introduced Advanced Montessori Method to schools, which are multi-disciplinary in approach. She also writes for Educational Publishing House and Pearson Education Asia, Longman.

EMC Learning Resources Pte Ltd is the publishing arm and the IP owner of all the educational programmes. The Learning Odyssey was launched in January 2004.The Learning Odyssey is a successful magazine designed with multi-disciplinary approaches to the learning of English, Mathematics and Science. The EMC Teachers’ Team ensures sound teaching pedagogy and study approaches in our publications.

These 2 companies were founded with the following aims and objectives:

  1. Comprehensively covering the current syllabus of the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, Singapore, EMC Workshops and EMC Learning Resources Pte Ltd work with local schools conducting enrichment courses in Phonics, English, Mathematics and Life Sciences. These 2 companies work with local schools to empower young minds through knowledge to achieve their highest potential
  2. Conducts comprehensive courses in English, Mathematics and Life Sciences for foreign students to enable them to qualify for registration and admission into Singapore Schools at both the Primary and Secondary level.

EMC Learning Centre is registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The aims and objectives of EMC are as follows:

  • It is the only English learning centre producing their own publications for use by their own students. EMC English promises results within 9 months of consistent studying of their specially prepared English learning materials. These books are used in over half of Singapore schools and enjoy the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, Singapore, school teachers and parents.
  • Offers enrichment programmes in English, Maths and Science to all schools. We aim to empower young minds through knowledge to achieve their highest potential.
  • Provides a local school immersion programme for the foreign students. We are able to promote cultural and educational exchanges among the local schools so that the foreign students have a first-hand experience of seeing our schools in action!

EMC Learning Resources Pte Ltd is developing specialised educational packages for the OST (Overseas Student Trip) markets and works closely with travel agents and STB in the extension of value-added and highly customized educational tour/camps into Singapore from students of other countries that wants to experience a unique vacation with high learning value. Every tour package developed is special and unique, catering to the needs of each individual market/country.

EMC practices Confidentiality of Student Data, Student Protection Scheme, Standard Student Contract and has a clear Refund Policy.