Mathematics Programmes

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Mathematics programmes that have proven track records in Singapore public schools! Specially for the Singaporean students and Foreign students.

Age group: 6 years to 14 years

15-hour programme

Teacher ratio of 1: 15-20 students with differentiated materials for different age groups, including a series of The Learning Odyssey or published books in full-colour and course materials.

Foundational Courses:

1. Montessori Mathematics Programme

This systematic and progressive programme provides learning experiences that are “hands-on”, utilizing various manipulatives to discover concepts and mathematical processes.

2. “I Love Maths and Fairy-tales” Workshop

The objective of the course is to encourage pupils to use critical and logical thinking skills to solve non-traditional problems.

3. Process Skills In Problem-Solving

The focus is on topical problem solving and the processes involved in.

4. Logical Thinking and Investigative Maths

The programme stimulates young minds to be curious about numbers and their behaviour. Logical reasoning features strongly in the problem sums.

5. Forte Math – Creative Strategies in Problem-Solving

This is written specially to improve students’ problem solving skills and includes heuristics like Guess & Check, Make a List, Look for a Pattern and Logical Reasoning.

6. Mastering Maths in PSLE

This is designed primarily to help Primary 5 & 6 students prepare for the PSLE. Specific problem-solving strategies are taught in each lesson.

7. Higher Order Thinking Skills in Math- The HOTS Programme

Pupils will develop their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills through solving the challenging and non-routine problems.

8. Primary Mathematical Olympiad

The programme will provide pupils a framework of problem-solving approach specific to Primary Math Olympiad and expose pupils to different types of mathematical thinking.

9. EMC Maths Trail

The students will realize that Maths is relevant to their everyday life. The activities are fun and engaging and allow students to put into action mathematical concepts they have learned in class.