Overseas Students/ School Immersion Programmes

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These are the description and pricing for services provided by EMC to overseas students visiting Singapore on School Immersion Programmes/ Educational Trips.

Programme Module



Half Day Visit

(3 hours)

Overseas students will have the opportunity to tour the facilities and interact with the students of a local school.

The visitors and local students will interact at a minimum ratio of 1:1

The programme will vary according to requests from the visitors. As EMC is keenly involved in the planning and implementation of the programme, we are able to ensure that it will meet the expectation of the visitors.

A typical Itinerary:

· Arrival and Greetings

· Presentations by both local and overseas students*

· Interactive activities

· Refreshments and gift exchange

· Tour of facilities and farewells

* The possibility of having the local students prepare a presentation is not a guarantee. Much depends on the school’s curriculum schedule and the amount of preparation time we are given.

EMC ensures that such visits will showcase Singapore’s Education System by conducting them in Singapore Government Schools. Not private or international ones.

4+1 Day Classroom Immersion

(5 hours each day)

Overseas students will sit in for daily lessons with their local buddies from flag raising till dismissal.

Basic understanding of English is necessary as no translation will be provided.

If the immersion period coincides with a school or public holiday. EMC will arrange for the visitors to participate in any activity (i.e field trips, excursions, celebrations) that the school may have outside of the classroom.

2 Day Interactive Immersion Workshops

(3 hours per day)

Overseas students will participate in classroom learning with local students.

The lessons are designed to maximise interaction through group work. The programme will follow MOE’s syllabus guidelines and will be conducted by NIE trained teachers

Hands-on Science projects will be the mainstay of this programme.

Basic understanding of English is again critical.

Each class will not exceed 25 students with a ratio of 1 local to 1 visitor

English Language Learning Experience

(20 hours) usually spread over 4 or 5 days.

This programme is designed to improve the language ability of non-native speakers of English.

Recommended for early learners (Primary school)

Teacher Student ratio – 1:15

Programme will cover

· Phonics

· Recognition and Reading

· Speech and Pronunciation

· Spelling and Writing

All facilities and materials are included

EMC understands that some parents would prefer if their children were taught by native speakers of English and have made provision for that as well.