Science Programmes

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Science programmes that have proven track records in Singapore public schools! Specially for the Singaporean students and Foreign students.

Age group: 6 years to 12 years

15-hour programme

Teacher ratio of 1: 15-20 students with differentiated materials for different age groups, material fees including a series of The Learning Odyssey or published books in full-colour and course materials

Effective Process Skills in Science

This course is specially designed to reinforce effective study skills in the learning of Science, as well as mastery of process skills. The emphasis is on experiments.

Skills: Observing, Measuring, Classifying, Communicating, Interpreting Data, Inferring, Hypothesizing and Experimenting

Life Sciences – module 1

It is important to present to the child a whole world-view of our world. Everything in the natural world is inter-related with Man.

  • Microscope work and Cell
  • Chromosome and DNA
  • Genes and Genetic Traits

Life Sciences – module 2

The world of Microbes: Microbes are everywhere. There are more microbes on a person’s hand than there are people on the entire planet! We cannot digest food without them, plants cannot grow, garbage will not decay and there will be a lot less oxygen to breathe without microbes. Without these invisible companions, our planet cannot survive as we know it!

This programme aims to expose the student to the world of microbes, see the complex ways in which they affect us and to stimulate their interest in the Life Sciences.

  • Welcome to the World of Microbes
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Viruses


This course prepares students for their PSLE. Students will recap a series of notes on the topics and have hands-on experiments