Welcome to EMC

EMC is an established education services provider since 1994. We offer researched and developed enrichment and self-improvement programmes for school-going children and working adults. Our Mission, Vision and Values highlight our passion to provide exceptional value in our teaching services.Our training programmes are conducted by qualified and experienced teaching staff.


Dramatic History Programme

The dramatic history programme aims to deliver creative writing and
dramatic presentation opportunities against the historical and cultural
backdrop of Singapore. read more


Early Reading Programme

Our new early reading programme incorporates production quality music, beautifully designed charts and professional kinesthetic dance moves. read more


Everyday Science Programme

Everyday science is explored both in and out of the classroom where the children are given opportunities to try their hands at electro magnetism, baking ice-cream, training worms and even making music. read more


Overseas Student Interaction Programme

Our OST programme allows local students to interact with friends from other countries and cultures. Learning is as much an integral part as is having fun. Above all, the children will broaden their perspective of the world. read more

Local Programmes

EMC Learning Centre is registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Our primary and secondary school local programmes using the Advanced Montessori Method and Pro-Active Learning System are written by renowned educators.

Overseas Programmes

The objective of EMC's study programme for foreign students qualifies entry into primary or secondary schools in Singapore and for those taking post-secondary courses for entry into private higher Institutions of Learning in Singapore such as Singapore Management University, SIM University, MDIS, Singapore Institute of Commerce (SIC) and Auston College.


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