Local Programmes

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Get your child excited about learning!

We at EMC believe that the best way to help young minds reach their fullest potential is to get them excited about learning. Our English, Maths and Science workshops are highly hands-on and filled with interesting activities to encourage curiosity and trigger new insights. And with our experienced teaching staff leading the way, no student gets left behind.

Begin your journey with EMC, and discover just how exciting learning can be.

English Programmes

In our English workshops, students are encouraged to participate instead of being passive learners. We inspire them to think outside the box and let their creativity soar by showing them how to play around the dimensions of the English language.

Maths Programmes

At EMC, learning Maths is a hands-on
experience. We use real-world objects to bring abstract mathematical
concepts to life and then give our students the chance to apply these
concepts to everyday situations. We also help develop their logical
reasoning skills through problem solving.

Science Programmes

Our Science courses offer students a holistic view of the Earth, teaching them that everything in the natural world is inter-connected with the human race. Students also get to dive into scientific experiments that improve their process and study skills. Hands-on activities equal fun workshops.